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ReCoveR ID's By CReator password or cracked password or by

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ReCoveR ID's By CReator password or cracked password or by

Post by shayan123456 on 5/10/2014, 12:14 am

Hello to all the members of the credit
We have a great team of research and quickly formed to prevent the misuse of your ids
We see every day thousands of emails from users who have hach their ids
Our staff recognize that many of these fake emails , And those emails are blocked
If your ids removed from the server and you plan to return it to the email
Or if you have been hach and your ids, passwords are not the first to be registered
We request that you return less than 24 hours
If you have a fast and secure way to get your ids you want
Email us and ask

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

salam baro bax [Image: 2225255004.gif] [Image: 2225255004.gif] [Image: 2225255004.gif] [Image: 2225255004.gif]

dostan nimbuzz ye raveshe jadid ovorde vase onai ke idishon hach shode mikhan back bedan !

age dar kamtar az 48 saat be in maili ke gozashte nimbuzz darkhaste iditono bokonid hata age passworde avali ke bahash iditono

sakhtido nadashe bashid nimbuzz dar kamtar az 24 saate iditono barmigardone ! [Image: 3669466728.gif] [Image: 3669466728.gif] [Image: 3669466728.gif]


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